Parent Resources

Important Carpool / Drop-off Reminders

If students do not ride the bus, they can arrive at school either through carpool or be dropped off at the main entrance.

Carpool: Carpool begins after the buses leave the parking lot at 7:15am.  As you enter the school parking lot, move to the right curb as soon as possible.  A teacher or safety patrol member will direct you when to stop and will assist your child in getting out of the car.  Your child should then proceed directly to the main entrance. 

  • Please do not get out of your car to assist your child. This significantly delays the carpool line and causes traffic for other parents and the surrounding neighborhoods.  If your child requires assistance, the teacher or safety patrol member can help, or you may opt to follow the drop-off procedure instead of carpool.
  • Please avoid passing other cars in the carpool lane while exiting.
  • Please discontinue cell phone use while in the carpool lane.


Drop-Off: Parents may also walk their student to the main entrance.  Please park in a legal parking space and be sure to be respectful to our neighbors.  If parking on a side street, please only park on one side of the street. 










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